Is it a Happy New Year?


The holidays one, me zero. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone along with the New Year but here we are running on fumes barely making it. At least that is how I feel. Forgive me as I did start this entry before Christmas and I am just now finishing it…chalk it up to the hectic holiday schedule and a touch of writers block (#newbiebloggerproblems).

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Allow me to set the scene: The Christmas decor is up and a cozy buzz is in the air or maybe it is my abundance of candles and wax melts burning around me. Regardless, I am at home and feel the Christmas spirit filling the house and an immense amount of pressure to make it the best for my family is weighing heavy. What to write about? What have I done that the other million people haven’t already done or read about? Ugh the pressure! As I vacillated between meals I have made and the decorations I have created nothing felt right.

I was laying on the living room floor contemplating where to start as if the words would come up from the ground or an idea would fall from the sky when my four year old entered the room. He came over and sat on the floor next to me getting on my level and proceeded to ask me what I was doing. I explained to him that I was thinking about what I wanted to write about. He took a moment and looked over at our Christmas tree and said “what if you write ‘Merry Christmas… Ya Filthy Animal’?”. I looked over at him and we both just broke out into the biggest belly laugh. He then leaned over placing his arm around my neck and planted a kiss on my check. Naturally this melted my heart and put a smile on my face. He then asked if he could use my old laptop to “work” next to me. I agreed and figured it would help me continue on with my writing and help him stay entertained. I turned back to my screen and placed my hands on the home row waiting for the words to flow from my fingertips when I noticed he was feverishly typing on the mock computer with intense concentration. I decided to ask him what he was writing about because the imagination of my child is wild. He replied with “Umm… I am writing about Christmas like you”. I just smiled and nodded while trying to focus on how was I going to hook my readers. Then something incredible happened. He continued speaking… “and Jesus has a birthday, with cake, that he smashed in his face”! He broke out into a laugh that was so infectious. The thought of Jesus smashing cake into his own face was indeed quiet comical and I could not help but giggle along with him.

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I had never really thought about what Jesus would be like if he had a birthday party but my four year old had. This was not the first time my son has said something profound or asked questions about the Lord and I pray it will not be the last. You see during a time in which I had no motivation or clue what to write about my sweet little boy brought me up from the earth and into a heavenly mindset. After all, that is what Christmas is really about the birth of Christ. Nothing like God was using my kid to remind me to enjoy the party of His son. I am definitely not saying the holidays still were not stressful and tiring but they were both memorable and enjoyable. Our children are blessings from God and we do whatever it takes to make them happy especially around the holiday and birthdays. No matter how stressful these special events can be there is not doubt in my mind that Jesus has the BEST birthday parties ever.

Even though I feel like I am still recuperating from the holiday hustle and bustle I am starting the year off with a new and refreshed attitude. I have goals like many others that hopefully will be met above and beyond but mostly actually met. So here we go! Starting the New Year off with a post about having faith like a child! My children literally test the Jesus in my every day but I never stop loving them. Just like God never stops loving us no matter how many times we fail. I am speaking, typing, and praying the blessings of 2020 into existence over my life, family, and friends.

I started this blog because I wanted to write about things that brought me joy. I started putting the pressures on myself with having to make something that no one else has done and found myself falling down a dark hole of nothing. There is no joy in that. After a big inner battle I decide to just write and not worry about if it is read or liked but go back to the start of it all and do what brings me joy. Allow the year of 2020 to be a joyful one!

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