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When I was in elementary school I attended a sleepover birthday party one of my friends was having for her 9th birthday. Boy was her mom brave! Not only did she host a sleepover full of 9 year old girls but she assisted us rambunctious girls in a lesson of soap making. If I recall she had every thing already melted and had us pick which mold and scent we wanted. It was a fun activity for a girls night in the 90’s. Fast forward 20 plus years and I find myself wanting to give it a try. Determined I headed off to my local craft store to see what I could find.

I stood in front of the options and was not exactly sure what kind of soaps I wanted to attempt. I knew I had a vision of implementing my homegrown herbs in some of the soaps for a personal and organic touch if you will. There were many different options of soaps to choose from as your baseline. Olive oil and goat milk were the two I picked to work with. Lemon was one of the first scents I gravitated towards for the nice clean smell. With the massive amount of basil and rosemary I have in my garden I thought the herbs would pair nicely with the lemon scent. The second scent I picked was lavender. Normally, I am not a huge fan of it but two kids later here I am soaking in it, bathing in it, wearing the lotion. It is calming right? I picked out two different types of molds and a bag of dried lavender to add in and off I went.

Lemon, Basil, & Rosemary Soap

Once home, I broke off a section of the olive oil soap and placed it in a glass microwavable bowl. Microwave the soap for 30 seconds. To stir I used a Popsicle stick because I was not sure how messy this process would be. Looking back I am not sure what I was worried about… it is soap… it is washable.

I continued to microwave in 10 second increments stirring in between. Once melted I added about 8 drops of the lemon scent to the mixture. As you can see I decided to add both chopped fresh basil and rosemary to my olive oil soap and then gave it a stir.

I grabbed my molds and began to carefully pour the melted mixture into the shapes. Allow your soap to sit and cool for about 40 minutes before attempting to remove from molds. When ready gently press on the back of the molds to release the soap.

Lavender and Goat Milk

The second batch of soap I tried was a lavender and goat milk combination. Just like the previous experiment I grabbed a microwaveable glass bowl and broke off a chunk of the goat milk. Into the microwave until the soap is melted.

Next, I stirred in the dried lavender, about 8 drops of the lavender oil, and two drop fulls of melatonin. Does the melatonin actually help? I am not honestly sure but I thought it would be fun to try and see. After all, there are bath salts that contain it. Try to be mindful of how much dried lavender you add as it is also used as an exfoliant. I think in the future I would go with the philosophy of “less is more”.

Give the concoction a stir and carefully pour into the molds of your choosing. I went with a smaller one and thought the designs gave the soaps a more elegant look.

After the soaps have dried for roughly 40 minutes gently press the back of the mold to release the soaps. And there you have it! I could not believe how quick and simple this was. The longest (other than waiting for them to set up) is the melting process.

In the future I would definitely invest in the silicone molds that you can find on Amazon. The plastic molds tend to warp after several batches were made. This caused for some of my soaps to come out uneven and that was frustrating. There are also different dried flowers and fruits you can add which always make for a nice texture and pop of color.

My husband and I were so impressed with how the lavender soap turned out we grabbed a bar and bathed our boys with it. The goat milk gave such a creamy feel while the lavender filled the room with such calmness. I enjoyed making the soap and want to expand my horizons and try different scents.

Be a giver

This would make a unique and personal gift for your mother, grandmother, friend, or even child’s teacher. How cute would it be to find a nice soap dish to place these in and gift it to a new homeowner? I am definitely putting some in my guest bathroom for our friends and family

to enjoy.

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