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Ever since I could remember I have always been obsessed with handwriting. I remember sitting with the handwriting books continually practicing, hoping that my penmanship would look as beautiful as my mamas. She often tells people that I never wanted to learn how to print but wanted to jump right into cursive. Personally, I feel like I equated cursive to being an adult or almost like a secret code. Only the older big kids and adults could read it and that was enticing for me.

I grew up learning both print and cursive which I am extremely grateful for. It makes me sad that there is a generation that has no clue how to write in cursive much less read it. That literally boggles my mind. At what point did someone say “nah… you do not need to learn cursive”? Our country’s constitution is in cursive and most of this generation cannot even read it! Think of our grandparents and their handwritten letters or recipes all written in cursive. Lord forbid something happens and this generation has to read something that is in cursive, but I digress.

The truth is there is so much beauty in creating something with your own hands. Now of days we rely on computers to do everything for us instead of sitting down and putting in the time and effort to do it ourselves. I find so much joy and peace when I get to sit down and doodle. Times when I have to take notes whether it was in school, church, or meetings I find myself wanting to doodle. Not because I was or I am bored but mostly because it helps me concentrate. Making different fonts on my own and trying to replicate different doodles is something that brings me so much joy. I often look at things and think I can make that! Then I sit and try my hardest to recreate something with my own hands. Often, I allow my brain to wonder outside the box and make my own creations. The perfectionist inside of me sometimes takes over and I try to overthink and fix things. Which means I inevitable messing my minor imperfections up even more. I have learned with time to accept the small imperfections because that is what makes it mine.

I hope to continue with my hand-lettering venture and perfect it but continue to enjoy it. Below are some doodles that I have done with some of my free time. I like to decorate my friends and families birthday cards to give it a more personal touch. Are they just going to throw it away? Probably but it shows I put some thought and effort into their card.

A blank canvas, gold Sharpie, crayons, and a hairdryer…and voila!
Having blank cards on hand when you are in a bind is handy. Get creative and make it personable!
Christmas Fun!
Decorative Birthday Envelope.
A good scripture!
Motivational quotes keep me going!

The picture below is a chalkboard sign I created for our little boy’s bathroom which is also our guest bath. I found a fairly inexpensive chalkboard at Micheal’s and painted the frame. I then found the saying that I wanted to write on the board and grabbed my chalk pens and off I went. Did I mess up? You bet! Did I erase and rewrite the same word more than once? Absolutely! But eventually it turned into something I am proud of.

One year my parents bought me this adorable chalkboard sign. I love it and wanted it to be seen on a daily basis. I decided to place it in my kitchen and give it a fun little saying that was big enough yet simple to capture peoples attention. This was one of my first signs and doodles I did for my home. I really like working with chalk pens because they are erasable if you mess up. They also come in so many fun colors. However, this sign was created with just regular old chalk which is fun too.

Find different sayings you like and start just by writing it out on paper. I do this several times until I feel comfortable with it. Eventually I look at my paper and replicate it on whatever it is I am writing on. For example my husband’s cousin and his wife had a housewarming party. I found an adorable chalkboard sign at Hobby Lobby that I gifted to them (among other things). To make the gift more personal I wrote “home sweet home” in a fun font. Once the new homeowners opened the gift I explained to them that they could wipe it off and write whatever on it. It was a fun gift idea and I loved how it came out.

At the end of the day this is just one more thing that I find joy in. If it was not for my mother sitting with me working on my hand writing and allowing me to embrace this passion at such a young age I probably would not enjoy it as much. Now grab that writing implement and paper and get creative!

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